In the past 14 years, I have worked with over 40 online products – many of them market leaders – in content services, e-commerce, listing and services.

In practice, this is more than 30,000 hours of experience, tested and proven tactics, fast implementation of new technologies and continuous self-improvement.

I have an excellent, transferable knowledge of online product development, technology, marketing and sales and therefore I’m one of the most versatile consultant in the Hungarian online community.

Result-oriented consultancy

I have managed to drive all my projects to growth. As part of my previous full-time jobs, many of the portals have reached annual revenue of several hundreds of million forints (millions in €). Besides, driven by our agency activities, project owners have a turnover in the range of billion forints per year (several millions in €). Recently I worked on a number of international digital projects (frequently called startups), which are expected to achieve similar success in the near future.

I needed goal and success oriented thinking, motivation and of course a great deal of professional knowledge mixed with positive attitude to accomplish these results as a consultant or partner. I believe this approach is a key to long term success and an investment that pays off for both parties.

How I work?

Many believe the work of a consultant is hard to describe and therefore hard to measure. It can be true in case there are no goals set from the very beginning and the project owner does not know what they want. In order for me to give valuable, easy to implement pieces of advice, we need to get to the bottom of the problem together with the partner.

Generally, a 4 hour consultation is enough to set the basics and make decisions that make an immediate impact. On the other hand, certain projects required several weeks and a series of meetings. Therefore feel free to email me to find out what and how much I can help with.

In-life project consultancy

In case of a working webshop, online service or a portal, there are usual business benchmarks, proven development solutions and online marketing tools. I came across the following topics:

Innovative consultancy

In case of innovation there are no best practices or parts to copy. We need to build many things from the bottom up and only a few building blocks are ready made. Frequent questions are:

In case of innovation the above questions are just for starters. Most often there are no ready answers, and in case of certain projects I’m not the most competent person. These can be addressed during a comprehensive meeting where I’ll let you know if you can count on me.

Consultancy competences

My real life experience provides efficient solutions for medium sized businesses that have some history in the digital world, but could never get the maximum out of it. In such cases I can help with the following to increase efficiency:

Consultancy fees

Consultancy is always unique and personalized, not a pre-packaged product. Consultancy is always a joint activity, common value creation: usually with a lot of consultant questions in the beginning (sometimes questions that have never been asked before). Consequently all consultancy projects are individually prices, but as a general guideline 4 hours of personal consultation is available from 80,000 HUF (275 €) in Hungary. Special agreement is made for complex and long term projects and consultancy in your region.

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