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Krisztian Dunder

Krisztian Dunder

I have the most extensive experience in online marketing. I have been working on building online brands and result-oriented activities (conversion optimization, lead generation, database building, reputation management and building personal brands) since 2001.

We have an enormous amount of experience from previously as my full-time job with my colleagues and since 2013 in our agency called Growww Digital  on which tools work most efficient in various online projects.

I believe there is no black and white marketing, every large project requires a unique approach and best results are achieved using a carefully thought-through marketing strategy and a matching marketing plan.

The following references from DUNDER.HU and Growww Digital projects prove that what we do and the way we do it actually works:

Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan

I help medium sized businesses to build their online marketing plan, complete tenders for selecting suppliers on demand, help recruit and train an internal marketing team. Important to note, that I’m not specialized in micro- and small businesses, I can work best with stable businesses that want to expand and grow, those who have a digital strategy or plan.

Conversion Optimisation

Growww Digital was specifically built to focus on conversion optimization. It has successfully increased conversions for several e-commerce brands. We have great experience using online marketing tools. Our specialist services include:

Lead generation

In many industries conversion don’t happen online, simply because the service or product sold is not 100% online. In such cases online tools can provide a measurable result if our online presence builds leads that are passed on to an offline sales process to generate conversions. Hubspot, an American digital company have published a 0.3% lead generation benchmark based on 9,000 clients. This is seen as an international average which means only 3 of 1,000 visitors register (or complete other conversion activity on a website). Groww Digital has a much higher indicators in lead generation.

GIFT: conversion optimization guide

In 2012, I was the first to publish a guide in conversion optimization in Hungary. This 28-page eye-opener have helped more than 10,000 people understand why having an online presence is not enough any more and shown them ways to stand out from competition and create a positive return online presence. This guide is available in Hungarian language on Scribd online or downloadable on DUNDER.HU for free.

Need help?

Selecting the right online marketing partner is not an easy task. It’s a reasonable decision with long term impacts, like choosing developers or employees even. We have a personalized approach to marketing strategies, marketing plans or implementation activities.

Our partners do not meet employees, we do key account management ourselves as owners; providing our clients a one-stop shop. The approach is a guarantee for cooperation, results and proves that we are not using the conveyor belt approach. Feel free to call me to find ways to work together!

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