Krisztian Dunder

Krisztian Dunder

Krisztian Dunder is an online strategy and digital business development professional and co-founder of Groww Digital agency (2013). He has been working with internet based products and services for 14 years, 2001-2008 as a full time employee at Inform Media (Vorarlberger medienhaus) and Lapcom (Daily Mail General Trust) publishing companies and as an entrepreneur since 2009.

He is a constant participant of professional conferences, frequently publishes / in market leading business media both offline and online.

He is also the author of Digitális Sikertörténetek book series. A recognized personal brand of the Hungarian digital social arena, proud partner and father.

He has been working for Axel Springer, Pannon Lapok Társasága (member of WAZ Group), Heti Válasz publishing companies as an independent consultant since 2009 to renew their online products, help improve brand-awareness and increase their traffic and user base. Due to his experience in webergonomics, online marketing and sale, these projects have become financial successes as well. He has had a role in making market leader sites for all four publishing companies operating 18 local news portals in Hungary.

With Jakob Nielsen usability advocate (2011)

With Jakob Nielsen usability advocate (2011)

Since 2011, he has been part of the launch or re-launch of several portals (,, and e-commerce sites (, as a consultant or project co-ordinator.

During 2012-13 he has worked on the most complex project of his professional career as the consultant of the project owner: the strategy, product build, coordination of development and launch activities, online marketing of CV&More’s international product: Talent Screener. After 1.5 years of work the HR software has been launched and the first corporations already signed contracts. More about references here.

In 2013, he co-founded Growww Digital, a digital agency with Laszlo Szabo, which provides result-oriented online marketing activity services in conversion optimization and lead generation, primarily in the CEE region (mainly in Hungary, Slovakia and in the Czech Republic). The agency started as a CRO, SEM and web-analytics specialist in these markets. It’s clients include Bónusz Brigád,, Concorde Securities Ltd. and

Local portals forever

In the beginning of the 2000’s I saw a job-ad in the local newspaper looking for an online editor. I applied as I saw great opportunities in online business. The portal was called Borsod Online and was launched on 15 February 2001 (my birthday by the way) and a few years later became the most visited portal of the county.

With Sean Moffitt bestseller author, social media expert (2011)

With Sean Moffitt bestseller author, social media expert (2011)

Between 2002 and 2007 as an editor in chief I was responsible for 3 local newsportals (BOON, HAON, SZON) and on top of editorial responsibilities I looked after developments, marketing and agency sales as well.

Due to the publisher’s Austrian headquarter and their cross-border training opportunities we had access to new ideas and knowledge from the very beginning. First we learnt from the managers of Voralrberg Online, later from acknowledged international firms (Readership Institute, Classified Intelligence, Pressflex, Bluerank, etc.). We also participated in international conferences (ICMA, IFRA, etc.). I also had the opportunity to take part in leadership trainings for which I’m still grateful for my former employer.

Although these hyperlocal newsportals were taken into a direction I did not want to go in 2007, I’m proud of achieving 25-30,000 daily visitors each and 200-300,000 visitors a month and that I handed over these portals being financially on track to success.

In spring 2007 I was asked to run up Lapcom’s (Daily Mail Group) portals:, I had the opportunity to prove my abilities again. The Hungarian online professional community started to make note of my work. In 6 months we managed to triple visitors to the site and started to make good revenues, thanks to internal team work, well designed online strategy and support from an external developer partner (fps).

During my 1.5 years at Lapcom, I also worked on their vertical portals:,,, became No.2 in the market with several hundred thousands of monthly visitors and unmatched efficiency in the western part of the country.


With a wide spectrum of knowledge in print and online media, I kept on doing more and more self-study to be able to start my own consultancy services. I attended dozens of seminars, workshops and labs, and read international sites. Despite the economic crisis in 2008, I had a lot to do from the very early days of my consultancy company, called DUNDER.HU.

Consultancy services to publishers and webshops

I worked with a number of publishers to re-launch their portals. In 2009, Axel Springer redesigned their 9 local newsportals and later Pannon Lapok Társasága refreshed their 5 portals as well. As a consultant and project coordinator I supported them in webergonomics, SEO, database building, content strategy and sales development.

During 2010-11 I worked on launching, redesigning B2C and B2B portals (,,,,, etc.) as well as e-commerce websites ( (book publisher), (hotel booking).

Trainings for medium and large corporations

Thanks to my versatile and independent knowledge and experience I have held internal trainings for a number of businesses. Publishing companies (Axel Springer, Pannon Lapok Társasága), Café group, EGIS, Meló-Diák, stb. Besides, I also held presentation at main Hungarian online, media, FMCG and IT conferences.

International product development

I also got more and more online marketing responsibilities over time working with various clients. In 2012-13, I organized a collaborative team set up based on a competency matrix supporting CV&More, a multimedia career website and the strategy of their software for automation of recruitment processes, called TalentScreener.

Digitális sikertörténetek

My books, Digitális Sikertörténetek 1-2 have been part of a mission, and besides being a success in business books, also helped improve visibility of DUNDER.HU. The books are available at Apple, Android and many other stores as ebook and also in printed format in my webshop.

Marketing and other operational activities that started under DUNDER.HU have been transferred to Growww Digital, our agency founded in 2013. Therefore starting from 2014 DUNDER.HU is focusing on online strategic consultancy, supporting tenders, training primarily aimed at medium and large enterprises.

Secret of being a consultant

Starting my own consultancy services I feel I found my place. Those familiar with online business, marketing, technologies and sales know that it requires daily trainings, self-study, following and incorporating innovations – a never ending process.

In my daily life it means monitoring hundreds of news sources, participating in webinars, international and local training courses, conferences. It requires an open minded personality to be able to watch and react to every movement of the international online space. One also needs to organise and manage all this information.

My studies in electrical engineering serve as a perfect basis for all this with the ability to organize and analyse information and the study of systems theory. On top of this, generic or in-depth knowledge of a number of industries (pharmaceutical, FMCG, IT, car industry, HR, news media, etc.)

If, based on this detailed and honest introduction, you feel you have unanswered questions or unsolved problems in your business and have great growth potential and you are not only aiming for the daily survival of your business, feel free to contact me and let’s find out whether we can work together.

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